Simpa's use of cookies...

This website is using cookies to make the use of the website more userfriendly.
If you are using simpa's login there will be placed a cookie with your login info,
if you press remember me.
In the section Examples there will be placed a cookie so the messagebox
stop appear after the first time. If you don't allow cookies in your browser,
there will appear a message that you did not allow cookies. When using webshop
there will be placed a cookie to remember which products you want to order then deleted after you purchased the order. When choosing
another page color from the start page, this will be saved in a cookie to keep
your settings, while session cookie only exists 20min and can be renewed after an event.
There is also possibility of using local storage, but local storage can only be accessed by client side.
A cookie is a *.txt file wich is placed on your PC. It is usally placed in this folder if you use Internet Explorer
C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\Low

Cookies can be read by hackers if you access their page and they know the name
of the cookie. So in that way they can spy on you or use the info to hack you.
But usally cookies are encrypted and their lifetime is shorter when
they contain sensitive information. Like eg. facebook is using cookies at the login,
and now using new login api which eliminated some safety issues. You can find
facebook login example in the section Examples.

To read more about a cookie, please read here.
How to use facybox read here.